Monday, May 10, 2010

Today has been a shitty day.

My friend cut my hair - I now look like a boy and lack any type of self-confidence.
I look like I gained ten pounds - see ya again, self-confidence.
Work was long, boring and lonely. When my shift was supposed to be over, my boss decided it was time for him to go to Costco.. I was the only person there, so obviously, I had to stay.. for an extra three hours.
I sat in my room with my door locked, and did nothing all night.
Waited for someone to come hang out with me for a bit, hoping they'd cheer me up, and they forgot to show up.

I know, it obviously could have been a lot worse, but I just wanted to rant before I go to sleep.



  1. Hey girl,

    I'm sure that you don't look like a boy. Any hair style on you would never make you look ugly. You're an amazing girl, inside and out. You're gorgeous. You have an amazing sense of style. You are so easy to get along with. I'm not just saying all of these things to make you feel better, I'm saying them because they are 100 per cent true. To boot, you're SO intelligent. Hiii, you got an 85 or 86 average this semester. Jesus.

    I know how you feel about the weight thing... I've been trying so hard to lose weight since I've been home and in the past 2.whatever weeks, I've only lost 2 pounds. Like okay I guess I have to starve myself. I'd never do that, just trying to make you smile. I know that bad days can make anything about ourselves stand out more than they actually do. You're beautiful, I can't say that enough. You probably haven't gained 10 pounds. The stress that you felt last night probably made it look and feel like you had. If it makes you feel better, the first time I wore shorts, I got a rash between my thighs because they were rubbing together. So sexy.

    Your boss is an idiot. Hands down. In the end, you did something you didn't necessarily HAVE to do and I'm sure your boss will be happy. I know how you feel about staying later than you have to, it sucks. We get so stoked that our shift is ending soon and then WHAM oh we have to close or stay an extra three hours. Whenever that used to happen to me, I swear I could feel tears in my eyes.

    When you said that you did nothing all night, I sort of felt a lot of weight off my chest because I didn't do anything last night either... Sort of made me feel like I had no friends or a boyfriend, for that matter. Whoever it is that forgot to show up at your place, I hope they realize what they did!

    I'm sure you'll feel better when you wake up. That's always the case with me, anyways. If I was with you I'd take you for breakfast so we could rant about our lives. I miss you so much and sort of wish I lived in Ottawa.


  2. Oh and when I say "I felt a lot of weight off my chest..." I meant that I felt everyone else was out and having a good time and I was wasting my summer away in front of my computer reblogging photos on Tumblr. Yeah, I have no clue whaaat I'm going to do today since it's actually pouring. I was supposed to hang out with my friend but oh she canceled on me, too. Knowing that you and I somewhat go through the same "lonely" feelings at the same time makes me feel that I'm not alone even when we are like 5 hours apart. It also makes me realize how alike we are, even though we have our differences. I wish I was with you right now listening to City and Colour and sharing some cake. <3

    You're seriously amazing and even though I've only written (a fucking lot, btw) a comment on your blog post, I feel like I'm right beside you ! So creepy - but I mean everything I've said in the most positive way ever.

    You've always been on the same page as me and knowing that makes me feel a lot less alone than I felt last night. I hope you feel better, too!! <3

  3. I'm on my way out, but I just read this, and holy crap - you are absolutely amazing.

    I'm sending you an email when I get back home tonight. :)

    I miss you and love you SO MUCH.