Thursday, May 13, 2010

Days off work are the best.

This summer, my two days off seem to be Wednesday and Thursday. Random, I know.
These past two days have been really good though!

Yesterday, I went to the movies and saw Date Night (not as good as I expected it to be, by the way), went biking with Anna, watched the second period of the game at Lizz's, biked back to Anna's during intermission and watched the rest of the game there. Montreal played amazingly and beat Pittsburgh 5-2. HECK YES. On the news this morning, they were saying that even though the cops were ready, and the main "club" street was closed, Montreal still went wild. Last year, they flipped cars, broke store windows, were beating each other up.. Literally a riot. Last night, it was still a little hectic. Store windows were broken, beer bottles were thrown at cops, and all of that good stuff. 28 (at least I'm pretty sure that's the number) people were arrested. I wanted to be there so bad, haha. Anyways, though they didn't win the Cup YET, I'm sure they'll defeat the Bruins tomorrow night. After the game, I came home, did my little work out, then went to sleep.

Today, all I've done so far is tan. I went outside at around noon [ohhh my god. a scary bug just started flying around my room.. no idea where he came from, or where he is now. I'm scared.] Okay, anyways, I went out at around noon and stayed out there for a good hour. When I got back in though, I looked at myself in the mirror and saw that the front of my body was MUCH darker than the back.. Awesome. Because I don't want to look like an idiot, I decided I should go back out and lay on my stomach for twenty minutes. Of course five minutes into my second tanning session, the clouds started rolling in, and didn't go away. So I came back in, took a shower, made some eggs, and started my laundry.

Now I'm here, and am going to try to figure out which elective I want to take next semester..


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  1. HAHA when I read the part about the bug I immediately thought of what you told me about the centipedes in the house you were renting.

    Oh and that always happens to me when I tan outside. It sucks. MISS YOU!