Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Census Forms = Supporting War?

The Big Man has spoken - "Complete your 2011 Census Form today. Your sharing of information is important to the world," he says on the radio - or something along those lines, anyway.

What he didn't tell you, though, is that the organization that is contracted to process the information from the forms is the largest weapon manufacturer in the world - Lockheed Martin.

The same people who make fighter planes, guns and bombs are being paid millions of dollars to process the information that we are expected to provide to the government.

Ironic, considering the weaponry Lockheed Martin fabricates is intended to kill and end human lives.

I opened the envelope in which the form came in, today, and thought to myself I would fill that out tonight. Upon hearing this news, however, I am no longer willing to participate in something that feeds the construction of warfare.

Here's where it gets tricky though.. By law, one must complete the shorter of the two forms.

By all means, I understand that the collection of this information is important, but knowing who is behind this entire operation is maddening and unfair to those who would choose peace over war any day.