Tuesday, February 16, 2010

These streets will make you feel brand new.

These past two days have been amazing.

Yesterday, Matt & I had a "Valentine's Day Part II." Even though I am absolutely awful at skating, we went skating on the canal and it was super fun. He held my hand the whole time because I was afraid to fall.. ha. Then we went to go see 'Dear John' and I cried three or four times because I'm a huge baby. After the movie we came back to my place and laid in my bed while listening to Dallas Green. Perfect night.

& Today, I got an AMAZING text from my friend Lizz. It read, "Wanna come to the science and tech. museum?" For those of you who read this (if anybody does) and aren't familiar with this museum, it's located in Ottawa, and pretty much every elementary school kid from Ottawa will visit this place at least once. They have trains that you can go in, a space station, a 'crazy kitchen' that's all tilted and stuff, and some amazing tunnel things that are multi-coloured and sit like ten feet in the air. It's pretty wicked. Then we went to Subway, and decided to go see 'Invictus' at Rainbow for $2. It was a pretty sweet movie, not gonna lie.

Now I'm back home and my nasal passage is super dry. I've been drinking so much water today, so I don't really understand. But anyways, that is what's new in the life of Ashlee.

I'm gonna go do some readings now, since I haven't done much homework yet.


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  1. "My nasal passage is super dry..." Hahaha.

    Awe! Your Valentine's Day pt. 2 sounds sooo cute!