Monday, February 1, 2010


So. If Ontario college faculty and OPSEU do not come to an agreement before February 11th, all Ontario Colleges will be going on strike. Technically the strike wouldn't start until February 15th or 16th (because they need to give us a 5 day heads up), but that still means we'd be out of school for however long it takes them (probably around two-three weeks). What's even better is that I don't even go to an Ontario college, but rather an Ontario university located on college grounds..

What a cherry on top of my already awful Monday.



  1. This will make your day better:

    Katy Duncan posted this on Facebook: The Star recently posted an article about Barbie's latest possible career choice as a journalist, with the headline "Is Barbie heading to Journalism School"? All I have to say is that scrawny chick better pray she doesn't get Kimberley Noble.