Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh hey.

I don't have much to say.
So I'll give you a little news update.

- Team Canada decided to use Luongo instead of Brodeur as their goalie when they play against Germany. Good choice.
- The students whose ship sank in Brazil, who spent 40 hours waiting to be rescued, are back in Toronto. All of them survived.
- Doctors want to change the shape of hotdogs. They say that their shape is a chocking hazard and that they should be "redesigned."
- "Giant George" is the world's tallest dog. He's a great dane who stands at 3 feet and 7 inches from paw to shoulder. Check it out, he's huge. (
- Tiger Woods publicly apologized for his 'sexual misconduct'.
- A baby was born on a plane, and the parents want the baby to be baptized on that same plane.

(Notice how none of these are negative or depressing.. you're welcome! :)


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