Thursday, February 25, 2010

Team Canada.

What an amazing day for Canadian Olympic athletes yesterday!

A) We beat Russia 7-3 in the quarter-finals. We haven't defeated Russia in fifty years, holla!
B) We won both silver AND gold in women's bobsled.
C) We got bronze in women's 5000m speed skating.


Tonight, our women's hockey team is playing the goal medal game against the U.S.
Tomorrow, it is Canada vs. Slovakia in the men's hockey semifinals.

Good luck, ladies and gentlemen!

█ ♥ █ Go Canada Go! █ ♥ █



  1. █ ♥ █
    AWE! I love that little picture aha.

    Yaaay Canada.

    P.S. I just ate an everything bagel with cream cheese<3

  2. LOL the word I just had to type was "Conehedi" and I laughed because you called yourself a "Cone Head" this morning HAHA. Too funny.