Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I'm at home in Toronto.
It's really quiet, and kinda cold.
I'm afraid that the centipedes will come out and kill me.
I don't really have anything to do.
And I don't have anything to say.

I went out for dinner with Matt last night. We went to BP and the promotion they had going on was amazing. It was a salad, side, and entree for 9 bucks. Anyways, then we went back to rez and watched the World Juniors game. I'm not much of a hockey-watcher, but this game was unreal. With something like 4 minutes left in the game, Canada scored the 2 points that they needed to tie the game 5-5 and brought them into overtime. Then we lost. Matt had to work at 10am, and when I tried to wake up, I absolutely couldn't so I slept in until noon and now I'm back here! I'm gonna try to do something productive now.


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  1. Hellooo. I will be back on Sunday! Pretty pumped to see you. XO