Monday, January 18, 2010


Such an awful start to the week. Well, kind of. It's a longgg day.

It all begins with radio broadcasting at 9am. I'm not even going to complain because I actually learn something in that class unlike Noble (WHO HAS YET TO POST MY MARK FROM LAST SEMESTER, UGH!). My prof has a weird beard.. Kinda like, a chin strap that's on his cheeks. Then some peach fuzz as a moustache. Haha, I sound ridiculous, but that's actually how his beard is. And he has shoulder-length hair.

Then I have digital design, which is a wicked class. We're using programs like Illustrator, Photoshop and PowerPoint and just learning about them. It's super fun once you get used to it.

My day finishes at 7:55pm when I walk out of Desire and Discontent. Apart from Mike Karapita's journalism class, this is my favourite so far. It's a class about human emotions, and why we feel certain feelings. Today we talked about love and if it actually exists, and why people decide to get married. It's goodtimes. I almost wish I had this class more than once a week because I'm so interested in it.

Oh, on a completely different note, Leviana's a babe and I pretty much love her :) ♥


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