Saturday, April 10, 2010


As a journalism student, I've learnt that you kind of need to be a jack of all trades in order to be successful in the industry.

Newspapers don't sell as much as they once did. Everything is going online. That means that thousands of jobs across the world are going to/are being cut because they won't need half as many of the people that they have now.

Partly because of this, and partly because my boyfriend is a photographer, I've been thinking of taking up photography. I think I have the eye for it, I just don't know how to work a fancy camera. F-stops confuse me. I have absolutely no idea how to work a light meter, and to me, a cookie is eatable, not something that projects colours into the background of a photo, or whatever it actually does.

Anyways, I went out on a little urban exploration adventure with Matt today, and while we were out, I thought of all of the pictures that he's taken of the place.

I think it would be neat to get myself either a digital Canon camera, or an SLR.
So I looked at the Henry's (a store that sells cameras, lenses, etc.) website, and I almost cried at how expensive everything was. Obviously I knew that cameras aren't cheap - at all - but holy moses!

From this, I concluded that this potential hobby of mine will have to go on hold for a little while.. Ah well.


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