Monday, April 19, 2010

In five days...

I will be done my second out of four years of university.
I have my first exam tomorrow at 3:25, then my second (and last) one on Saturday at 11:45.
Then I leave on Sunday morning.
I still haven't started packing, though I really should. Maybe I will do that after my exam tomorrow.
By the way, we're allowed to bring a cheat sheet for tomorrow's exam, and mine is BOMB.
Took me forever to make, but whatevs.
Anyways, I'm gonna look over my notes again, just in case.
BTW, good luck on your exam tomorrow Leviana! (Since you're the only one who reads this, ahaha)



  1. Psh! I read it too! E'rydayyyy!

    I can't wait to go home!!

  2. LOL This made me smile. THANKS :) Good luck on your exam too, if I don't see ya.

    Much love lady. <3