Monday, March 1, 2010

Happiness is just outside my window.

Happiness isn't about how many dollars you have in your bank account.
Happiness is found in relationships, in achieving goals, in health, and most importantly: In appreciating life.

Even on the days that I'm not smiling, on the inside, I'm always happy.

I'm grateful that I have a supportive family, amazing friends, an incredible boyfriend.
I'm blessed to have food in the fridge, to have clothes on my body, to have a roof over my head.
I'm lucky that I have the opportunity to go to university.

I'm happy because I'm breathing.
Because I'm healthy.
Because I have two arms and two legs.
Because I can speak, hear, taste, feel, and see.

Too many people take things for granted.
Too many people fail to see how privileged they are.
Too many people are unhappy simply because they choose to see the negative in such a beautiful world.

This is how I feel (mind you, I'm not dizzy):

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  1. Agreeeed. I love this pic btw. Can't wait til Zumbaaa<3