Monday, March 8, 2010


This past Friday, myself as well as my boyfriend and a few RAs went up to one of the RA's cottage in Burk's Falls for the weekend. It was amazing, to say the least. It was gorgeous outside for the entire weekend, we went snowmobiling on the lake, drank, and just relaxed. It was honestly exactly what I needed to keep me motivated for the rest of the school year (It probably wont last that long, but at least I'm motivated for the time being!)

I'm super excited for summer! Even though I have no idea what I'll be doing job-wise, I will be homework-free for four months, and at the end of August, I will be heading back to Toronto for a week of RA training! I'm excited! :)

All I have to do is get through this last month and a half of school, which will probably go by incredibly quickly anyway.

Also, it's starting to get really nice out, which means I will likely be in a good mood err'day!


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