Saturday, July 31, 2010

Yesterday, I had to partake in the conversation that I had been dreading to have..

My dad called me to ask me whether or not I wanted to go say goodbye to my grandfather. He told me that if I didn't go either last night or this morning, I may not have the chance to do so. The reason he asked was because he thought that maybe I would like to have a happier last memory of him. Obviously, I wanted to go say goodbye, even though he was not awake.

I called my boss and asked him if I could leave work early. I picked up my brother and we got to the hospital around 10:30pm. The second that I saw him lying there, tears filled my eyes.

Who was this man lying in front of me? He looks nothing like my grandpa and is not acting a thing like the cheery grandpa that I'm used to seeing.

He looked lifeless, apart from the fact that he was breathing heavily.

I wasn't exactly sure what do, so I held his hand, I kissed him on the forehead, I told him that I love him.

I'm gonna miss him once he's gone, but I'll remember all of the good times we had, and I'll be happy to know that he's no longer suffering.

Je t'aime, grandpapa. ♥


  1. You're so brave and lucky. I remember the day I had to say goodbye to my grandfather perfectly; my mom didn't tell me until really late at night that he was on his death bead and when I found out, I screamed at her in front of my entire family as tears poured down my face. When I walked into my grandfather's room to say "goodbye" I couldn't even find the word. I can't get over that moment. I don't think I ever will.

    Your grandfather will hold your hand from now until he passes. I hope he can breathe a few more breaths before he has to go!

    Stay strong<3

  2. 大肚能容,了卻人間多少事,滿腔歡喜,笑開天下古今愁。..................................................