Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Words cannot describe...

How amazing Dallas' show was last night.

About three songs in, it started raining - and it made the show three times as epic as it would have been without it. Honestly, holy crap. It reminded me of this picture I saw from Obama's inauguration, haha. (random)

Although Dallas did not see me in the crowd during "The Girl", I was leaning on Matt, and he sang his own version of the song in my ear.. It was really cute. Not gonna lie, I teared up.

It was a really, really good time. Before the show, we got some dinner, split an amazing beaver tail, went for a drink, then Matt bought a City & Colour shirt that we're going to be sharing next year :)

Dallas played amazingly, as per usual. He had a band with him this time, which gave me huge chills. The whole crowd got really into it, and it was more of an interactive concert than just us watching him. Definitely a night I will not forget.

Well, I could go on forever, so I'll stop now. But Lev, be prepared to have an amazing time in August :) ♥



  1. Ahhh. Sounds like such a good time :) I can't wait to see the show

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