Friday, December 25, 2009

Second year, second semester. (Oh, and Merry Christmas!)

I am extremely stoked for next semester! I just read into all of my course outlines and all of my classes look AMAZING (if I get the prof that I so badly want and need.. haha kidding).

Anyways, I'm taking:
- Subcultures and the Media (Don Moore vs. Tanner Mirrlees ♥)
-Digital Design (a class about powerpoint, illustrator, photoshop, etc.)
-Radio Broadcasting (Amazing, even though I don't have Mike)
-Presentations and Persuasion (no exams/essays, but rather giving different kinds of speeches.. with Greg Kelley. Hello awesome!)
-and my elective, Desire & Discontent (it's about different human emotions)

I can't waiiiiit! I'm gonna be a huge nerd when I go back to school 5 days before any of my roommates get home and I'm gonna read a shit load of books about journalism & shit that interests me. And, my marks are up from first semester and my endless amount of homework/studying has paid off :) I'm pretty happy. Except that Noble obviously didn't submit her marks on time, go figure. So I can only assume that my average will get even better when she submits my mark! Woo!

Oh and by the way, I do realize that it's Christmas Day and I'm writing a post about next semester, but this just put me in an amazing mood.

Also, I got some sweet stuff for Christmas! Thanks Mom & Matt :)
Merry Christmas everyone! Hope your day has been going as well as mine so far!!

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  1. We can be nerds together and have study dates :) Hopefully Noble uploads our marks soon!