Saturday, October 24, 2009


Today is Saturday October 24th.
Halloween is exactly one week from today, and I'm freaking out because I don't have a costume yet. A big part of that reason is because they're so damn expensive! Honestly, since when did the average price of a costume become over $80? So ridiculous.
I was thinking of being a paper bag princess, but that means a) difficulty peeing and b) no chance of ever sitting. The second idea that came to mind was a devil. It's kinda cute, it's cheap, but it's so unoriginal. Oh well. People will have to deal with my lack of creativity.

Anyways, I miss residence. I absolutely loved the fact that there would always be somebody who was awake, no matter what time it was. I miss my tiny little room and the people on my floor, and having a residence card that felt like you would never be spending a dime. I miss flushing the toilet, using the water, or having a shower while somebody else is showering. I miss not having to cook, do dishes, or do chores. I miss floor meetings and announcing them with Jer. I miss hall parties and real parties. I miss that all I needed to do was go down the hall to ask someone a question about an assignment. I miss never having to be home alone. I miss S5.


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